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There are various options available to request a quote; find out which method suits you best.

a) If the exact word count of the source document is easily determined, click on the Price and deadline button on the main page in order to reach the automatic translation fee calculator. This will let you calculate the translation fee and translation deadline within a few seconds. Select the source and target languages for the translation as well as the word count of the text to be translated. If you hover over the box, you'll get a brief guide to help you determine the number of words in the source text. You can also indicate if you need attestation (certification or verification of authenticity) for the translation. Once these parameters have been entered, the prices and deadlines of five different translation options will appear. By clicking the buttons under the quotation table, you can send the quotation to your email address to make a decision at a later time, or you can order the translation right away.

b) If you prefer a customized quotation or you have difficulty in determining the word count, click on the Quote request button. On the form, select the source and target languages of the translation. Indicate the type of text, i.e., whether the translator needs to be familiar with a special professional field. If the delivery date is a priority for you, you can also submit the required delivery date on the form. Finally, upload the file(s) to be translated, or insert the source text. You can also add a short comment to your request for quotation.

Click on the QUOTE REQUEST button, and enter your contact details. Our translation advisors will get back to you asap. Our team will analyze the text and send you a quotation, having taken all the available discounts (e.g., repetitions within the text) into consideration. During business hours you will receive our quotation within half an hour. Outside business hours you can expect our tailor-made quotation within 3 hours.

c) If you do not want to bother with the calculator or the form, you may also request a quotation by emailing the document to be translated (one or several files) to our office at Please indicate the source and target languages of the translation and the latest date when you would like to receive the completed translation. We will send you a quotation as soon as possible (usually within half an hour).

In the quotation we propose five different levels of translation options for you to choose from. Our services range from the lowest priced, proofreading and professional translation to double-checked texts and to lightning-fast translations. If you are unsure about the service level you need, feel free to contact us to discuss options. Ordering translations and paying for them can also be done online with just a few clicks. We will start the translation process as soon as payment is completed. Should you need flexible payment options please let us know.

We are glad to answer any of your questions regarding either your quote request or the quotation you have been sent. Call our customer service at +36 1700 1500 or email us at If the quotation fails to meet your expectations in any way, please let us know, and our project manager will do everything possible to adapt the order to your needs.

Would you like to know the translation prices?

Use the Price and deadline  or Quote request from us.

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