Translation 24/7

Our Premium Translation option offers our customers top quality, double-checked (proofread) translations.

In practice this means that a translation prepared by one translator is checked by a second translator, a proofreader or a linguist and, if necessary, further refined. Premium translation will result in the highest available quality translation.

How do we provide high quality service?

The language expert who does the proofreading checks the translated text for grammar, style and vocabulary usage. A specialized proofreader checks the text in terms of technical terminology and area of expertise. Since double-checking takes time, the deadline for a premium translation is longer than for a standard specialized translation. If you are short on time, we recommend our top-of-the-line service, Priority Premium Translation.

When should you ask for premium service?

You should ask for a premium translation for websites and for documents that will be reproduced, in order to get a text with flawless grammar, style and terminology. Naturally, even the first translation is done in professional quality since it is done by an experienced certified translator with knowledge of the text’s professional field. Premium translation, however, is the result of the work of several professionals and is double-checked by a team; this process produces the smallest possible chance of error.

Our advice is that texts that are to be widely distributed (e.g., materials to be published in the media, websites) and texts of high-value contracts should be done as premium translations.

Texts that are not for publication do not usually require premium translation.