Translation 24/7
VILLAM Language Services Ltd. is a leading provider of language solutions in Central-Europe. Our mission is to address all of our customers' business-related needs, enabling them to engage with their peers, increase revenue, and achieve efficiency with cutting-edge content solutions and localization technology.

Company overview

VILLAM enables over 9000 Central-European brands to increase international market share and engage their customers in local markets worldwide. Most of our clients operate in the European Union, especially in Hungary, Germany, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and Austria. 

Using VILLAM's innovative translation technology platform (including a fully integrated, proprietary translation management system) and our easy-to-use, award-winning online customer service, we provide custom translation, interpreting, online marketing, software and media localization solutions that ensure the trust and recognition of our clients.


VILLAM applies a sustainable business model and offers both high-tech as well as traditional language services to customers. VILLAM is unique in offering custom services and primarily serving end clients (instead of other language service providers). We understand the new economics of translation and are prepared to adopt new behaviors of sharing and collaboration. Language technology and automation progress towards the abundance in supply and eradicate the need for human repetitive work. Linguistic quality, cutting-edge technology, and competitive word rates are our present, but global business impact, data, novel business models, and value-based pricing are our future.


VILLAM was founded by Tünde Gál-Berey, who currently acts as CEO of the company. She has been bootstrapping the company from day one, reinvesting profits and enabling market-leading growth. Tünde is engaged in refining solutions and introducing innovations in the business and technological processes. She is also very active in the language expert training, and considered to be one of the most influential professionals in the Hungarian language industry.


Our dedicated team of 20 includes localization specialists, language experts, academic linguists, marketing and business consultants, researchers, software developers and multilingual desktop publishers - all creative capacity at VILLAM's Budapest office.


VILLAM operates with its proprietary cloud technology on an innovative platform which enables our global workforce of more than 2500 language professionals to work seamlessly together. Our award-winning platform ensures efficiency and transparency across all business processes. We own our technology and are ready for further growth acceleration. 

Market strategy

We believe in technology and the innovative value of being open to the new. The challenge of the language industry is to provide better quality faster, at a smaller cost. These three elements can only be met by continuous innovation to boost productivity. At the same time improvements are needed in the processes. VILLAM has also become an essential service provider to enterprise clients with increasing monthly recurring revenue potential. VILLAM aims to maintain its cutting-edge translation company status in Central-Europe and become a competitive global player. 

Diversity and Inclusion

VILLAM’s diversity and inclusion statement can be summarized in four words: "We are all in!" These words relate to our company mission, and the actions we are taking towards building a more equitable environment.

We recognize that national politics, particularly in some countries, are not creating a nurturing environment for equity, diversity and inclusion recently. It is important to realize that it does not come from the people of the countries but from their autocratic governments. At VILLAM, we believe in democracy and in human rights and we act accordingly, regardless of the circumstances.

Diverse teams build better solutions. Global customers’ requirements are complex and only a team with diverse knowledge can create services to fit these needs. At VILLAM, we focus on complex and diverse knowledge and that requires openness to everything. Our team and company culture celebrate the sense of inclusion in ideas and perspectives.

We never base hiring decisions on stereotypes and assumptions about a person's race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or disability. VILLAM’s work on diversity and inclusion starts internally and we use the results to create a positive impact on what we do externally. This principle is true to our linguist workforce as well. We believe we can do our custom jobs better with colleagues who have different backgrounds and life experience. It’s only fair if we create an environment of inclusion.

Mergers & acquisitions

VILLAM's award winning platform and professional business management enables us to acquire companies with adjacent services. Additionally, we are open to forming joint ventures and benefit from emerging synergies of partner companies.