Translation 24/7

You can forward us your source documents either by uploading them on our website or simply by sending an email with all the files attached.

Upload the files you want to be translated...

If you request a quote on our website at, you can attach the text to be translated as well. If you have several source files, upload them one at a time. If you have a lot of files, you can combine the individual files into a single compressed folder.

You can even write comments on the uploaded files that will provide the translator with information. If the text is fairly short, you can copy it into the form (CTRL-C and CTRL-V) when requesting a quotation. The advantage of this is that the word count of the copied text is shown immediately.

... or just send an email with the files attached

The sooner you send us the text to be translated, the better. First we will perform a software analysis of the text to be translated and check for in-text repetitions and parts not to be translated. This allows us to reduce the translation fee and make the translation process quicker.

Proofreading service

If the translation has already been carried out previously or the text was originally written in a foreign language, proofreading is required in order to achieve native language quality. For the quotation of the proofreading task, our office will request the source of the translation (if available) and the translated text to be proofread.

Confidentiality and privacy statement

It goes without saying that all of the texts and documents sent to us are handled confidentially. Our privacy statement is available in the General Terms and Conditions. If you need further guarantee, we will sign a privacy statement. When requesting a privacy statement, please provide us with the details of the contracting party, and we will send you a scanned version of the filled out and signed statement in an email (or, if you request, by post).