Translation 24/7

VILLAM Translation Services sends you the completed translation quickly, simply and flexibly. Translations are generally delivered online, but you still have several options, especially if you requested official translation with a certificate.

Strict deadlines

In our line of business, keeping deadlines is an absolute must. Translations will be completed by the contracted deadline, sometimes even earlier. As soon as your translation is ready, we'll notify you  by email and you can access your document immeadiately.

Ways to receive the translation

WEBSITE | The completed translation can be downloaded by logging in to with your password. The translation can be downloaded as a file (e.g., in Word format) by clicking the given order under the “My orders” menu.

EMAIL | If you prefer receiving your document(s) attached to an email, let us know and we'll send them to you. Send us an email or give us a call, and your document will be in your mailbox within a few minutes.

IN PERSON | The translation can also be picked up in person at our office. Bring a USB drive and we copy the files on it. If you requested an official translation certificate on paper, you can collect it at our customer service. Please make an appointment before you arrive.

BY POST | At your request, the official translation certificate will be printed out and posted to the given address. Translations are posted the day they are finished. The fee for printing, packaging and posting is USD 6.

COURIER | At your request, the official translation certificate on paper will be sent by courier to the given address. The courier service fee is payable by the customer and is to be paid directly to the courier.

If you requested an official translation certificate, you can get it in electronic or paper format. E-certificates have digital signature and time stamp on them, while paper certificates are signed and stamped at our customer service. Learn more about our official translation certificate >>