Translation 24/7

The translation fee depends on the length of the text to be translated, the languages, the areas of expertise and the deadline.

In every case, VILLAM Language Services offers its customers the best value for money, but the customer too is able to reduce the translation fee even more:

  • The shorter the text, the cheaper the translation. When ordering the translation, the most efficient cost-cutting method is to reduce the amount of material to be translated.
  • The longer the deadline, the lower the translation fee. Having a longer deadline will give our representatives more opportunity to optimize translation tasks.
  • The more repetitions there are in a text, the greater the savings. The best way to reduce costs is when the quotation is being requested and our representatives find repetitions while analyzing the text to be translated. They will take the percentage of repetitions in the entire text and calculate the discount accordingly.

Our best value translation service is the Specialist Translation, which is the best choice if you don't need proofreading and priority in time. You can find more detailed information on the comparison of translation services by clicking the button below:

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