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The 3 factors that affect the translation fee

The translation fee depends on the length of the text to be translated, the languages, the professional fields and the deadline.

  • The length of the source text: the shorter the text, the less time it takes to translate it. Thus, it is also cheaper. We apply various methods and instruments to determine the exact word count (OCR, CAT tools, etc.) before we start planning the translation process.
  • Language pairs and professional fields: the prices vary according to the number of available expert translators and the difficulty of texts. Our calculator on the main page will give you an idea about fees and deadlines for different language combinations and specialties.
  • Time available:  the less time there is, the more effort it takes for both translators and project managers to get the job done on time and in good quality. Priority translations may cost more than assignments performed under optimum circumstances.

Cost-cutting options

Here's what you can do to reduce your translation costs:

  • The shorter the text, the cheaper the translation. When ordering the translation, the most efficient cost-cutting method is to reduce the amount of material to be translated. How? Make sure you have deleted all irrelevant text in your document.
  • The longer the deadline, the lower the translation fee. Having a longer deadline will give our people more opportunity to optimize the translation tasks.
  • The more frequently you order, the more you save. Taking advantage of modern translation technology is the best way to cut costs. We provide translation memories and glossaries for our returning customers so that when they make their next order we are able to identify similarities with previous jobs and offer a price discount. Working this way is not only economical; it results in outstanding, steady quality. It is therefore worth trying to establish long-term cooperation.

Tailor-made proposals

You may use our calculator for quotes and orders but there may be instances when you need a customized proposal.
Click on the Quote request button to specify preferred deadlines or any other special requests. Once we have analyzed the text, we will send you our detailed quotation for five different translation options. The quotation will include all available discounts considering repetitons in the text as well as quantity discounts.