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VILLAM Language Services also undertakes to provide English, German, Polish, Romanian, Dutch, Slovak, Russian, Czech, Swedish and Chinese interpreters.

These certified interpreters are among the best professionals in the country, and they are happy to put their experience at the service of our customers.

Interpreting: consulting, price quotation and information
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How do you choose an interpreter?

Interpreting is personal and confidential, and this is why it is important for our customers to get to know the interpreter before the interpreting session. The first step is to contact the project managers at VILLAM Language Services so that you can discuss the location, date, languages and required professional field. Next, our project manager will find the right interpreters for you and send you a price quotation. You can choose comfortably and conveniently. You can be sure that our consultant will offer you outstanding experienced interpreters.

Interpreting: languages and professional fields

VILLAM Language Services provides interpreting services in Hungarian and English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Slovak, Slovenian, Romanian, Chinese, and Swedish.

Our interpreters are adept at interpreting the most important professional fields, and they regularly interpret in legal, business, technical and medical situations. You can be sure that we will offer you an expert who is the best choice in terms of the selected languages and the professional field.

What kind of interpreting services are there?

Consecutive interpreting

This type of interpreting is for small group meetings. After every couple of sentences, the speaker stops speaking, and during the pauses the interpreter (speaking from memory or notes) gives an accurate summary of what was said.

Conference interpreting (simultaneous interpreting)

Presenters are speaking continuously on significant events, and the interpreter is interpreting concurrently, sitting in another room or a booth and speaking into a microphone. The participants follow the interpreter by listening through headphones.

Whispered interpreting (chuchotage interpreting)

If there are only 1–5 people requiring interpreting at an event, the interpreter sits next to the listeners and quietly but continuously reports what is said. The advantage of this style of interpreting is that there is no need for expensive interpreting equipment.

Escort interpreting

The customer requires interpreting services for handling their own affairs or, for instance, for visiting a plant. The interpreter is in several different situations and always interprets according to the particular situation.

Liaison interpreting

The interpreter acts as an intermediary between up to 4–5 people at business meetings or when contracts are being concluded, deals are being transacted or administrative matters are being taken care of. The interpreter is on assignment for one of the parties. The location is most frequently a neutral area, and in administrative matters, it is naturally the place where the administrative matters are being taken care of.

How much does interpreting cost?

The interpreting fee depends on the type of the task, the languages applied, the time requirement and the location. Our project manager is happy to prepare an accurate price quotation for you.

Who are the interpreters?

Interpreters are university-educated professionals who have received degrees in professional interpreting from internationally recognized interpreter training institutions. Our representatives have at least 2–5 years of professional experience, and most of them are familiar with several professional fields. Since no professional can be an expert in every field, our project managers will always recommend the interpreter they think is best for you.

How can you recognize a good interpreter?

The aim of the interpreter is to make the negotiating parties feel that they are speaking the same language. Interpreters not only speak the foreign language flawlessly; they are also familiar with interpreting techniques. Since they represent their customer (you) and speak on their customer’s behalf, it is important that they convey the image you want conveyed. It is only natural that you also base your decision on whether you like the interpreter.
Good interpreters prepare themselves in the given topic in advance, and they handle even unexpected situations in a proper and professional manner. They naturally treat everything they hear in the strictest confidence, and under no circumstance will they reveal any of it to unauthorized people.

You can help the interpreter a lot

The interpreter you choose does more than just show up at the agreed place on time. Interpreters work hard beforehand to prepare themselves in the given topic. This makes it possible for interpreting to go more smoothly and for the listeners to get an authentic picture of the person being interpreted (e.g. you).
This is why you should provide our consultant with as much information as possible about the topic of the interpreting session, the text of the lecture or presentation, and the program of the event. There is a well-known saying in the trade: only the well-prepared mind can really improvise.

Technical equipment for interpreting

Interpreting sessions can require technical equipment. This equipment can include booths, audio devices and headphones. If you or the organizer do not have this equipment, but consider it necessary, we can provide it through our technical service partner. We offer almost all kinds of modern interpreting equipment, and, if necessary, we can provide the technical staff as well. Our consultant will be happy to help you identify potential technical needs.