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When creative translation meets copywriting, we talk about transcreation, a process where a linguistic expert familiar with a certain topic prepares a text based on the instructions of the client.

Outsource copywriting to a professional team!

Creative translation is a form of copywriting, and it is usually done by our copywriter–translator colleagues with the help of foreign-language reference texts. Content marketing, a rather time-consuming modern marketing technique that requires writing and journalistic expertise, is carried out by our copywriter colleagues at VILLAM Language Services with experience and proficiency. Content management, which is aimed at making use of the potential of SEOs and Social Media, is utilised by companies that operate in the field of online media or that use online marketing techniques.

What types of copywriting tasks do we do?

  • copywriting for websites, blogs, and newsletters
  • editing and improving marketing texts
  • writing texts for landing pages and advertisements
  • editing and proofreading articles, blogs, and posts
  • writing and editing PR articles and press material
  • content marketing, tracking content strategy
  • preparing documentation and written product presentation
  • We’re not just copywriting, we’re making sense of the content

Creative copywriting is perfect for presenting products and services when the communication strategy or marketing technique that our client uses in the target market’s language is different from the original, and thus, something else, something more than just translation is needed. The new text inserted into the linguistic and cultural environment of the target audience is prepared to the best of the copywriting specialists’ knowledge.

The text is adjusted to the client’s needs, and we also do finishing touches on it even after delivery, providing multiple language versions as well as translation and localisation services. If the text changes, we track those changes.


What does translation have to do with copywriting?

Content management for marketing purposes usually involves launching business blogs and corporate communication on Facebook. In such cases, a lot of texts are needed on a regular basis, the preparation of which should be left to an expert who specialises in the given field, performs the task with ease, and treats the text with love and affection.

Clients usually have a clear idea of the kinds of blog posts, series of articles, and texts they would like to see. If a sample of these is available in a different language, the best person to translate it into Hungarian is a linguistic expert. However, this is more than “just” translation: It also involves some level of adaptation and localisation. The copywriter draws inspiration and informs themselves from the foreign-language text. In many cases, when studying the foreign-language literature, our task is for the copywriter to get to know the subject AND NOT TO write something that already exists.

Copywriting in a foreign language

Many times, the goal is to prepare a new text for the client’s foreign target group. Hungarian-language content is often already available, but due to the different conditions of the target market, it cannot be translated, so the only option is to adapt the topics to the targeted languages. In such cases, the best thing to do is to write the new articles and posts in the target language (for example, in English) in the first place, since this produces more seamless results and much faster workflows.

Copywriting and creative translation without a given topic?

It is possible to prepare quality content on a regular basis even without a pre-assigned topic or source. In such cases, VILLAM’s copywriter starts the work by finding and tracking down sources and monitoring topics of interest (press monitoring). With the best sources under the copywriter’s belt, drafting the new articles and texts can commence with the client’s approval. The result is much faster and more current than that of any other copywriting activity. Not to mention the fact that the copywriter lifts most of the burden off the client’s shoulder, so the majority of the processes can be fully automated by the company that is using the text.

Lock, stock, barrel, images, and rights

It might have struck you that we often use the word “prepare” when talking about copywriting. Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say that we “write” texts? Well, usually, copywriting is a complex process that also entails consultation, research, data collection, writing, the designing of illustrations (e.g. images), and the clarification of usage rights.

Many times, illustrations and images are also needed to go with a text. If a custom illustration is required, we design it with the help of graphic designers as needed, and we can even create infographics. If the goal is simply to support or spice up the new text with images, we select a few from a stock photo collection, obtain them, edit them, crop them to size, and prepare them for publication.

We also clarify the usage rights to the text and, if required, the images. We cite the sources used for the text and obtain the copyright owners’ approval as needed. We tie up any loose ends and try not to leave room for someone to knock on the door a month later, saying “I wrote this”!

If necessary, we also carry out page layout, graphics, DTP, and prepress tasks, so our clients can keep everything in the same hands. In short, we don’t leave our clients in the lurch with the “finished” text; instead, we offer a complete solution that can be implemented simply and immediately.

Feel free to wear borrowed plumes – this is business!

The above must have made it clear that VILLAM Language Services also offers full copywriting services and consults with clients to find out what they need exactly. The result is quality content that represents the clients and shows them in the best light. Think of content creation as one of the pillars of modern business. Corporate text isn’t a literary genre yet, so our goal isn’t to win a Nobel Prize but rather to provide quality information and modern and affordable marketing solutions, as well as to ensure success. Copywriting means business to our clients; therefore, it is natural to wear borrowed plumes!

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