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VILLAM Language Services guarantees translation quality and delivery dates

Our company solely contracts certified translators for translation work. Translators know the specialist language of their area of specialty and their target language is usually their mother tongue. The language check (proofreading) involves the checking of the text by a second translator specialist to enable a high degree of reliability. Language checks can be requested also for the purpose of linguistic improvement and double-checking.

VILLAM Language Services assumes full confidentiality for any information obtained or accessed during the fulfillment of the translation assignment. Regardless of their content, it handles all documents in a confidential manner. The confidentiality clause also applies to the translator specialists involved in any assignment. Completed translations can be downloaded by clients online, after password identification.

In the event of a late delivery if the delay is directly and only the fault of VILLAM Language Services we will reimburse up to 100% of the cost of the job. The amount of reimbursement is 5% of the cost of the translation after each business day after the delivery deadline.

Budapest, 2014.07.21

Payment and delivery conditions of the VILLAM Language Services

These conditions apply to jobs carried out by VILLAM Language Services, with regard to the completion of translation services. The client and the VILLAM Language Services are considered to have reached an agreement as soon as the client has approved the offer and paid for the job.

All prices and rates given exclude the value added tax (VAT). If the client submits a valid EU VAT number or provides an invoicing address outside the European Union, VILLAM Language Services shall not charge the client the value added tax (VAT) of Hungary. In any other cases the VILLAM Language Services will include the VAT on the price of the translation (27% in 2015). The translation service fee (price) is calculated automatically on the front page of, based on the word count and service required by the client. The VILLAM Language Services accepts payments made by wire transfer, credit card or PayPal. The fee must be paid before the translation is carried out. VILLAM Language Services has the right to have the services carried out by a third party.

The client is obliged to supply the VILLAM Language Services with the material necessary for providing the agreed service. The client may only notify the VILLAM Language Services of a complaint in writing. The letter of complaint must be submitted no later than three days after delivery to the e-mail address, including the client's name, the job number and a description of the complaint. Once the above time period has elapsed, the translation shall be considered correct. Complaints will be investigated and as far as the complaint is justified, VILLAM Language Services will use its best efforts to correct the source of the complaint and possibly offer a refund, whereby a maximum of 100% of the original invoice amount can be refunded.

Liability of VILLAM Language Services

VILLAM Language Services is not liable for any damage caused by the loss of, misplacement of or damage to material entrusted to it. VILLAM Language Services is not liable for any damage suffered by the client as the result of the questionable fulfillment or non-fulfillment of the agreement, or any damage suffered by the client as a result of incorrect compliance with the agreement, if the deadline extended for the completion of this job is not met. VILLAM Language Services is not liable for any damage as a result of the inaccuracy or incompleteness of a text which it has translated. The liability of VILLAM Language Services may never exceed the total amount charged to the
client in relation to the relevant job. The client indemnifies the VILLAM Language Services against any legal liability. VILLAM Language Services shall not be held liable for any reason whatsoever for translations which are not stylistically satisfactory. Particularly for advertising and promotional material, the services VILLAM Language Services shall be limited to simple translation, unless expressly requested. VILLAM Language Services shall not be held liable for any delays caused by malfunctioning faxes, modems, e-mail and/or other mail or carriers, not directly controlled by us. All disputes or legal procedures resulting from this agreement may exclusively be brought before the judge of the court in Budapest, Hungary.

General Sales Conditions

These general sales conditions apply to all translation jobs carried out by VILLAM Language Services for its clients. All translation requests must be accompanied by an order including the price and delivery deadline established by the parties. This order must be finalized in the Cartsection of the website We reserve the right to refuse to start a job without an order. In the event that a client cancels an order, all work already effected will be billed at 100%, while work which is suspended will be billed at 50%. All work in progress and all orders in progress will be suspended in the event of late payment.


VILLAM Language Services will make every effort, compatible with the electronic form of the service, to keep confidential all documents and all personal customer information. Information relating to the translation, the nature of the translation, and any information the Customer transmits to be translated will be subject to complete confidentiality.