Translation 24/7

Priority translation is a VILLAM Language Services specialty that combines the work of professional translators working beyond business hours with lightning-fast organization, checking and delivery.

If we get an order for a priority translation, our project managers immediately reorganize our translators’ other commitments in order to give priority to the urgent task. Priority translations are done during regular business hours as well as outside business hours. By working this way, we can deliver very large texts within extremely short deadlines.

When translating very large texts, our office coordinates the simultaneous work of several specialized translators to achieve the desired speed that will allows us to deliver completed translations to our customers as quickly as possible.

When doing simultaneous work, we use linguistic monitoring methods and computer-aided translation software to harmonize the usage and styles of the individual translators.

If the quickest delivery deadline offered by VILLAM Language Services is too late for you, all is not lost. If this is the case, please contact our office by phone or by email as soon as possible and tell us the deadline you want. We usually work with automated deadline calculation, which results in optimal fees and deadlines for our customers. In most cases, our representatives have the opportunity to reorganize jobs so that we can undertake translations in even less time than a Priority Translation. We will find a solution!

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