Translation 24/7

The translation fee is determined by the length of the text, while the length of the text is measured by the number of words. How do you calculate?

If you want to have text files translated

If the text to be translated is in a Word file, then open the text, and click on the “Words” button at the bottom of the screen. A window containing a small table appears, showing the line you are looking for: Words.

When requesting a quotation for the translation of several files, you need to add up the word counts of the individual files. In older versions of Word (2003 and earlier), you have to click on the Word count submenu under the Tools menu.

If your text is in an image format

In case of pdf, jpg, tif, bmp and similar image files, the number of characters can only be estimated. Count the number of words in the longest and shortest rows, and multiply their average by the number of rows on the page. This way you will get the number of words on one page, which you should then multiply by the number of pages.

If you are uncertain about the number of words or you do not want to make an estimate, the best solution is to click the QUOTE REQUEST button and send the document(s) to be translated to us. Our representatives will use advanced software to prepare accurate calculations and get back to you as soon as possible with the proposed translation fee and delivery deadline. Just send the text to be translated as an email attachment to

A little less or a little more?

We check the number of words in the text you submit with your order. If there is a significant difference in the number of words, we will contact you immediately. If the word count you provide is higher than the actual word count, our office will repay the difference. If the word count is lower, our office will contact you with a corrected order.

Numbers included

Names and numbers within the text are taken into account when calculating the number of words in a text. The reason for this is that numbers and names are also part of translation work and have to be adapted to the target language environment. Since translation software facilitates the translation of numbers, we apply reduced (editing, proofreading, etc.) rates to these parts when preparing our price quotations.