Translation 24/7

We'll start the translation process as soon as the payment is completed. 

To confirm your order, choose the payment method that suits you most

By paying the translation fee indicated in the translation quote, you can start your order immediately. You can choose from several fast and convenient payment options:

CASH PAYMENT | You can pay the translation fee in cash at our Budapest office. Before coming to our office, please check the opening hours of the customer service.

BANK TRANSFER | We'll start the translation job as soon as the bank transfer is verified. Bank transfers may take quite some time if you initiate the process from abroad. Please email the bank transfer receipt to our office so we can start work immediately. 

The necessary details for a bank transfer are always indicated in the price quotation, in the pro-forma invoice as well as under the Contact menu at Please note that the bank transfer is only available for orders above 500 USD. 

PAYMENT BY CREDIT CARD | You can make the payment by credit card by logging in to After logging in with your email address and password, select Payment by Credit Card option at the price quotation shown in the Cart menu. Payment security is guaranteed by the OTP SIMPLE payment system. If you pay by credit card, you need to do nothing else, work on the translation will begin immediately.

PAYPAL PAYMENT | You can start payment through the PayPal system at After logging in with your password, choose the Payment by PayPal account option at the price quotation shown in the Cart menu. You can pay by PayPal whether you have a PayPal account or not. If you don’t have an account, PayPal transmits the payment by use of the bank card details. If you pay by PayPal, we will begin work immediately.


An invoice including VAT (if applicable) will be issued once the translation fee has been paid. We send an electronic invoice as an email attachment; it is a printable PDF document certified by an electronic signature and a timestamp.


You can select the translation fees to be shown in EUR, USD and HUF. Please note that translation fees could be subject to the current Hungarian VAT rate (27%) if your company resides in Hungary. Please be advised that exchange rates are automatically updated daily according to the current exchange rates published on the website of the Central Bank of Hungary.