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Here's a brief description of the various translation options available. If you feel more comfortable consulting about the most suitable option for your translation job, feel free to contact us.

PROOFREADING :  = a language check and correction carried out by a certified translator or proofreader, aiming to achieve accuracy and native quality in the translated text. The base of proofreading is a professionally completed translation. If the translation is not professionally done, it cannot be corrected by proofreading; in such cases we suggest retranslation. In order to carry out the translation, the translation office requires the original text (if available) and the translation also. If the text to be proofread was originally written in a foreign language, the native proofreader will examine style and spelling above all. 

Advantage: native language quality
Limitation: only professional translations can be proofread
Alternative: Specialist translation


SPECIALIST TRANSLATION : a most popular choice for a translation expertly done. This option is recommended for translating texts containing any kind of technical terminology. It is our job to select the appropriate expert for your translation project from our pool of translators. This is highly recommended for the translation of legal, technical, business and medical texts. Our 3-day quality guarantee for specialized translations provides for immediate action if you have any questions regarding the translation. This is the option most often chosen by our customers. We recommend another service only if you need a shorter deadline than the one we offered (Priority Translation) or if you plan to use the translated text for a special purpose, e.g., reproduction or publishing (Premium Translation).

Advantage: specialized translator with expertise in the professional field of the text
Limitation: the completed translation is checked, but not proofread
Alternative: Priority Translation, Premium Translation


PRIORITY TRANSLATION :  this is the service you will need if time is of the essence. Express delivery is available for every professional field. Long texts are also welcome. On-time guarantee is part of the package: you can rest assured that your translation will be delivered by the specified deadline.  If you order Priority Translation, our team will work outside business hours, in order to meet the deadline without compromising quality.

Advantage: - the quickest available translation service
Limitation: - more expensive than the normal-speed specialist translation
Alternative: - Priority Premium Translation


PREMIUM TRANSLATION : double-checked to provide the best quality. It is therefore a two-step process: once the translation is finished by a translator with the relevant expertise, it is reviewed by a proofreader. Proofreading may be performed by a native language expert or a second specialized translator, depending on the source text and the purpose of the translation. Double-checking is highly recommended before publishing a text or if the translation is of particular importance (e.g. high-value contract, special technical content, etc.). 

Advantage: double-checked, outstanding-quality translation
Limitation: more expensive and time-consuming than a regular specialist translation
Alternative: Priority Premium Translation


PRIORITY PREMIUM TRANSLATION : Double-checked translation, with all the features of Premium Translation, but prepared much faster. This is our top-of-the-line option, where the best specialized translators work at the fastest possible speed in the highest quality. The increased daily translation capacity and controlled quality represent additional prestige value. This, of course, comes with extended responsibility. A 30-day quality guarantee is also part of the package should you have any questions or comments upon delivery.

Advantage: double-checked, top-speed translation
Limitation: more expensive than a normal specialized translation
Alternative: Premium Translation, Priority Translation


Attestation may be requested when you ask for a price quotation or later on when you submit your order. Please note that there is a difference between official and certified translations. For an explanation of the difference, please see our detailed statement.

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