Translation 24/7

VILLAM Language Services guarantees the quality of translations, on-time delivery and confidential handling of texts.

For all the types of translations we provide a general guarantee of deadline and quality. In case of the request of guarantee amendments after delivery, our customer service is available for 365 days.

The extent of the guarantee is to be construed in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions (GTC).


The delivery deadline for the translation is always indicated in the ordering information in the price quotation for the translation. If we receive the order more than three hours after giving the quotation, the delivery deadline we guaranteed will be postponed by the duration of the delay; i.e., translations ordered later will be delivered later. Even in such cases, we will do everything possible to deliver the translation by the original deadline.
If we miss the deadline, our office will provide a discount as specified in the GTC.


According to the GTC, VILLAM Language Services promises confidentiality in connection with the facts that come to its attention while performing the contract. Documents are treated confidentially regardless of their content. Our office also requires the assigned translators to maintain confidentiality.