Translation 24/7

All-in-one solution for your localization business, that helps you reach better profitability by accelerating projects, automating repetitive tasks, and increasing the quality.

VILLAM NaVi stands as a comprehensive management solution designed for translation companies in Hungary, encompassing all essential integrations tailored for this business region. Our award-winning vendor and customer portals contribute to heightened vendor and customer satisfaction.

We started as a small language service provider (LSP) working with a wide range of language pairs for a growing client list. When we encountered a challenge of managing complicated projects with numerous software applications, emails, and spreadsheets, we used our experience in the language localization industry to develop a custom translation management solution. After two major version upgrades, in 2023 VILLAM NaVi became a licensable software dealing with the largest share of local translation buyers and sellers. Over 50 000 clients, 2500 language vendors and 40 project managers have been using the wide range of features NaVi can offer. Apart from VILLAM, another major Hungarian LSP is introducing NaVi TMS in 2024.

Key solutions

  • Task management
  • Workflow automation
  • Client portal
  • Vendor portal
  • Vendor management
  • Team communication
  • CRM

General features

  • Cloud service, running in a single browser
  • Business-grade security
  • Scalable and bespoke solution
  • API and micro services architecture
  • ISO 9001 & ISO 17100 compliant


  • memoQ cat tool
  • Google Workspace / Gmail integration
  • Google Calendar productivity
  • Google Meet and Chat communication
  • Google Cloud Services storage and backup
  • Microsoft OneDrive - storage and backup
  • Bria VOIP phone PBX communication
  • OTP Simple payment
  • PayPal payment
  • invoicing


In 2024 VILLAM's NaVi software has introduced several enhancements to its translation business management platform, aiming to streamline operations and improve quality control. These updates include a unique question-and-answer tool to prevent duplicate inquiries, advanced automation that doesn't rely on templates, integrated email management, and a quality control approach that prioritizes efficiency. Furthermore, the software boasts its own API, automated vendor management that simplifies the testing and onboarding process, and integrated calendars and CRM to facilitate project management and customer relations. 

The NaVi system, developed by VILLAM, is a state-of-the-art translation business management platform, built on the integration possibilities with artificial intelligence across all its functions. It automates complex tasks, enhances decision-making, and personalizes user experiences. The platform uses AI for analytics, predictive modeling, offering real-time insights, streamlined workflows, and superior quality control. This represents a major advancement in operational agility, responsiveness, and customization for the translation industry.

Experience the integrated and comprehensive approach of VILLAM NaVi, tailored for your language industry needs. If you are an LSP looking for a custom TMS solution with all the bells and whistles, give us a call.