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You need official translation when you, as a customer, are required to certify the authenticity of the translation. In such a case, our language service company, VILLAM Translation Services, issues a certificate attesting that the original document and the translated text have the same content. The certificate is issued in two languages, so that you could use it widely and without any trouble.

The official translation certificate is issued to you along with the completed translation. If you require an electronic certificate, it can be readily downloaded, while the printed certificate can be taken over at our customer service or requested to be sent by post. Alike the printed document, the electronic version is also attested, digitally signed, and time stamped. If you need further information regarding delivery, please click here.

Certificate in electronic (pdf) format or in print?

The certificate can be requested in electronic format or as a printed document bound together with the target and source language texts.

The electronic certificate comes with a digital signature and time stamp to retain its authenticity even if the customer forwards it via email. Furthermore, it can be used without any time restriction. Having it sent, it is still authentic, no matter how many times it has been presented. This document when used in public administration procedures, for the handling of company matters, bank or financial transaction, tender submissions or in front of a prosecutor, is qualified as a private document providing full evidence.

  • Pros: economical and fast, it never gets lost
  • Cons: no paper, no blue ink etc.

If you request an in-print certificate, our office prints the translated document, furnishes it with a stamp and signature, and binds the certifying clause to it (actually with a three-coloured thread!). Simultaneously, an electronic format is created from the certificate. This digitally signed pdf file can be readily downloaded from your account.

  • Pros: it is a printed document, bound with a three-coloured thread
  • Cons: costly, you need to hand it over in person or wait for the post

There are two types of electronic certificates

We can issue two types of electronic certificates. Customers can ask the certificate to be issued in the widely used PDF format or in ES3 format that is used in Hungarian Public administration procedures. The two different formats are equivalent and they contain the text to be translated, the translated text, and the certificate issued in two languages. Both kinds are digitally signed and time stamped.

How to request an official translation certificate?

The certificate can be requested at the time of submitting the order. You only need to tick the “Official certification” box and the certification will be included in our price offer.

Before checking out your order (in the cart), you can select the type of the certificate you require and the delivery option. If the certificate is not included in the price offer, you can add it to your order any time before finalizing your order.

You may also request the certificate via email or after submitting your order (in the latter case, you need to pay its fee afterwards). The certificate may also be requested from our representative taking your order or by phone any time.

How much does the translation certificate cost?

The price of the electronic certification is USD 12, and the printed one is an additional USD 12. The mailing cost of the printed certification is USD 6. These prices get included in the translation quote you receive via email and in your cart.

If you would like to do something good for the environment

An additional benefit of the electronic certificate lies in the fact that it is environment friendly as there is no need to print it, post it, deliver it, or store it. We at VILLAM Translation Services believe in the importance of environment protection, so the price of the electronic certificate is kept low at 50% of the printed certifications.

For what purposes can the translation certificate be used?

  • For certified translations of certificates of incorporation
  • For legal translations of contracts
  • For translations of data and company documents to be entered in the register of companies (articles of association, general meeting and members’ meeting resolutions, balance sheets, petitions) into any of the official languages of the European Union
  • For translations into Hungarian of documents to be submitted to the court of registry
  • For translations of bank statements and financial documents
  • For translations of tender submission
  • … and for translations of many other kinds of texts*

*When in doubt, it is a good idea, before ordering the translation, to contact the party accepting the translation to clarify whether they will accept the certified translation.

Certification of personal documents

Sometimes official and certified translations are not equivalent. Only one institution in Hungary, the Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation Ltd (OFFI Zrt), a government agency, is authorized to issue certified translations of personal documents. A certified translation is one that must be recognized by state authorities as a document that has the very same content as the original text. Certified translations are currently required for localizing foreign diplomas and for the translation of various registry documents (birth, marriage, death), citizenship documents or intergovernmental agreements. Some state authorities require attested translations, while others also accept official (certified) translations. At this stage, we can only serve the latter.

To sum up

Advantages of an official translation

  1. Get it online. No need to travel, queue or wait.
  2. Economical. Low flat rates and 50% off for electronic versions.
  3. Reliable. Translations are done by professional and licensed translators.

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