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VILLAM Language Services always issues invoices to its customers after payment has been made. We send invoices in electronic form as email attachments.

Electronic invoices (e-invoices) are printable PDF documents certified by electronic signatures and timestamps.

When and how do we send invoices?

We send the invoice only after payment has been made and the incoming amount has been credited. We send the invoice in an email in the form of an electronic invoice, as a PDF attachment.

Providing a billing address

After logging in to, the billing details can be entered under the Settings menu, where you can also change previously provided details. You can enter several address details, and any of the addresses can be selected as the billing address and postal address for the individual orders.

Electronic invoicing

We would like to provide you with some information on the handling of the state-of-the-art, cost-effective and eco-friendly e-invoice. Current Hungarian legislation makes it possible to issue and accept both paper invoices and e-invoices.

It is important to note that e-invoices

- retain their quality as accounting documents only in electronic form;
- are printable, but their printed versions are not considered certified copies;
- can be retained, forwarded and reproduced only in electronic form;
- have an unspecified number of copies and can freely be copied and forwarded as files.

Each and every copy of an e-invoice has the same (full) value of an accounting document. They have the very same data content as paper-based invoices. Our office sends e-invoices to its partners in PDF form. The PDF file contains an electronic signature and timestamp that certify authenticity. The recipient may forward the invoice by email or other electronic format to their bookkeeper. According to legal regulations, both the issuer and the recipient are required to retain e-invoices for eight years.