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Desktop publishing and post-translation editing of the completed text

Will the translated text be published?

When brochures, folders or other publications are translated, the customer might need the translated document in its original, PDF format. Our special translation technology makes it possible for us in most cases to provide our customers with a PDF edited to be exactly like the original document. For some PDF documents with special formats, however, this cannot be done. In these cases, the translation is delivered without editing, e.g., in a Word file. But even in these cases there is a solution.

PDF-ből PDF készítése | A fordítás utáni kiadványszerkesztés folyamata

Creating a PDF from a PDF | The process of post-translation desktop publishing

How do you get a PDF file again from translating a PDF file?

In the case of simple text documents, the completed translation can just be converted into a PDF format. There are freeware programs that can convert a Word document into a PDF file. One such free PDF creator program is PrimoPDF ( If, at a later date, you would like to make any changes to the text of your translation in a DOC or DOCX file, you can do it easily in Word, and, after the changes have been made, the document can be converted back into a PDF file.

What is PDF? 

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format used for presenting documents. It can contain text, graphics and pictures. Its most important feature is that it can be viewed by any device and it will always look the same; the formatting of the text will not change. This is why it is particularly suitable for storing brochures, typographic materials and scanned contracts and agreements. However, if the PDF file is a scanned document and was not created by an editing program, the text in it might only be retrievable with special processes and methods that require both software and human work. VILLAM Language Services offers you a solution even in these cases.

If you need a stylish, well-edited document

If you have a document with complex graphics (i.e., one containing tables, text boxes, background prints, graphics or patterns), the task is more difficult. Editing these image elements is a time-consuming task that requires expertise and possibly even the use of complicated and expensive software solutions. This work should be entrusted to a professional.

If the document is to be printed or distributed

Hiring a professional desktop publisher could be especially important if the translated document is to be used for typographic reproduction or high-volume distribution. Printing houses accept documents prepared only in special formats and resolutions. If you are not familiar with these formats, you could be faced with possible misunderstandings only after printing. The desktop publisher is responsible for transforming the original material consisting of text, pictures and graphics into a stylish, well-designed document.

VILLAM Language Services uses state-of-the-art technology to support translation. This solution makes it possible to translate complicated file formats that most computers cannot even open. If you have an edited version of the text to be translated that has been prepared by a printing house or desktop publisher, you should send this for translation. This will often save the cost and time needed for post-translation desktop publishing.

We also edit translated documents

If you don’t have an edited version that is suitable for translation, VILLAM Language Services will, at your request, do the desktop publishing after the translation. A text received in PDF is first converted into a text format, and a specialized translator with expertise in the given professional field prepares the translation. Simultaneously, the DTP professional starts to save graphic elements from the original document. Once the translation is ready, the DTP professional inserts the translated text into the new graphics that have been prepared and edited. The completed PDF file, which looks like the original but containing the translation, is checked by our office and delivered to you. 

How much do desktop publishing services cost?

Since there are no two identical publications, the time needed for editing them varies. Editing a single page containing graphics of average complexity takes about an hour and, together with the time needed to revise it, adds two hours to the translation time. Easier desktop publishing tasks can be done in less time, while tasks requiring complicated planning and editing need more time. Before starting a given translation job, the professionals at VILLAM Language Services will prepare a quick, customized price quotation without obligation.

Individual requests and solutions

In addition to making a PDF from a PDF, our DTP professionals also prepare individual plans, graphics, illustrations and images. Our services also include customized design of personalized stationery, envelopes with company logos, logo design, company folders, brochures and pamphlets. Since these documents are typically used for typographic reproduction, our DTP professionals are in regular contact with printing houses to discuss professional issues with typographers. Our DTP professionals are happy to assist you with all of your requests and questions.